The 2019 Open Bible National Convention Children’s Program is called Camp RAD!

Each day will consist of a lesson and activities, demonstrating how God is at work in our lives and how we can get involved in His mission in the lives of others!

R Rebuild/Refresh: The world tries to beat us down and drain us with negativity, but God wants to rebuild and refresh us! We can get involved in His mission by helping build up and encourage those around us!

A Always think of others: Christ is the ultimate example of unselfishness, not only in that He died for us but also that He continues to dwell will us every day. We can get involved in His mission by actively serving others.

D Diligent: God is amazingly diligent in his care for us. We can get involved in his Mission by being diligent in our service to others.

Our prayer is that the children will experience the joy of the Lord as they refresh those around them, think of others first, and become diligent in their actions. The enemy and the world teaches that serving ourselves and seeking pleasure is the ultimate goal. But children can learn at an early age that true joy is found in God by unselfishly encouraging and serving others.

Childcare provided by loving servants from Open Bible Center of Kankakee County.

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